The Newsmast Manifesto

It’s time social media grew a conscience. For too long, intolerance and hate speech have run riot, with important voices marginalised. With Twitter at the mercy of the world’s richest man and alternatives divided, it’s time to say hello to a new way of doing news and comment.

Newsmast is knowledge organised into communities of interest, so it’s easy to find what matters to you most. 

At the heart of each community are hand-picked contributors: orchestra conductors raising a baton for frontline news coverage, tolerance and democracy. And we don’t stop at the written word. Data, maps and graphs are just as vital to our cause. 

We’re built on Mastodon, the open-source social network, pulling together contributors and conversations from across the fediverse into one space. You can access Newsmast by signing up on our app or simply login using your existing Mastodon account. We’ve built lots of custom features to make Newsmast fast, easy to use, informative and fun. As a non-profit, backed by a charitable foundation we’re fiercely protective of your personal data, ad-free and always will be.

At Newsmast, we bring a hard line to news and comment moderation, with zero tolerance for discrimination, exclusion and hate speech. We amplify the voices of those caught up in conflicts, young people, women and girls, and LGBTQ+ communities.

We’re big on diversity, equality and inclusion. In a divided world, everyone deserves a voice. It’s the only way to enjoy a future grounded in justice that tackles inequality. One in which you can achieve your potential and contribute positively to your community (and your communities).

We champion pro-democracy campaigners wherever we find them. That means journalists, academics, charities and NGOs – plus diverse voices and marginalised communities everywhere. And it’s all backed by a charitable foundation: the Newsmast Foundation. The guiding principle here is to highlight facts, not truths or fake news.

Expect real-time, credible information sourced from people on the ground, real context that expands networks and broadens minds, a diversity of voices, and live, evolving news served without an agenda. 

We have lofty goals here, and you can be a part of them. We aim to orchestrate intelligence, based around evidence, knowledge, peer networks and data sets. We track research and innovation with a clear vision and a creative approach. We disrupt unfair balances of power and mobilise real action to effect positive change in society.

In education, academics can swap ideas and encourage critical thinking. In science, we break down barriers and encourage joint working to answer some of the world’s toughest questions. In arts and the humanities, we discover the work of leading innovators and learn from them.

Along the way, we question narratives that promote intolerance. On global issues, we help communities tackle global disease, poverty and inequity. We can help avoid climate disaster, reduce the risk of pandemics and improve mental health. We support social change by providing a safe space to share new ideas and proven approaches. 

We can help end the epidemic of misinformation that currently informs journalism. Ours is a healthy information ecosystem, with its ear close to the ground and guided by hand-selected experts in every sector. We back investigative journalism and hold corporate digital-media platforms to account.

In civic and political life, we allow everyone to have a say in things that affect their lives. We allow you to challenge power with accurate, reliable information from the front line. And when it comes to business, we’re brand-agnostic.

So long as your business is socially accountable to its stakeholders and considers its impact on the economy, society and the environment, we’re behind you. 

In short, we’re about improving human knowledge and social justice, helping people fulfil their potential, and affecting big issues through our global reach. 

Welcome to knowledge for all for good.