Our Team

Our Team

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Newsmast is a UK charity with a worldwide team. We bring a diversity of backgrounds and experiences to Newsmast which helps inform and guide our shared mission to create better social media. Our team has evolved throughout the life of the project, with everyone who has been a part of it having helped shape the Newsmast we see today. If you’d like to join our team, keep an eye on our social media posts and this website and we’ll let you know when we’re recruiting.

We are always looking for volunteers and allies in the Fediverse who are interested in helping our mission. If you’re interested in joining our cause, please reach out to us here.


Michael Foster

Ex-director of Reuters New Media and FT.com, Michael’s decades of experience at the intersection of news media and tech during the height of the dot com boom has helped shape the Newsmast project and ethos. When he’s not finding ways to improve social media for all of us, he’s usually looking after a lively dog, watching movies and enjoying the countryside.

Artur Ekert

As a professor of quantum physics at Merton College, University of Oxford and founding director of CQT, Artur joined the project to help ensure we stay on track to deliver a platform where academia is at the forefront of what we do. He’s a self-proclaimed aviation, water sport, and scuba diving addict who can often be found enjoying South African wine.

Jeff Streeter

As a British Council Director, Jeff spent years travelling the world sharing culture, language and education with people from different countries and cities. Now based in Tokyo, he spends most of his time looking introspectively at literature and language on his thought provoking blog, English Republic of Letters.

The Newsmast Team


Freddie focuses on building partnerships and collaborations with external organisations, and bringing Newsmast to a wider audience. He reads, writes and draws when he can, or schemes in the kitchen.


After joining the team as an intern, Saskia has gone on to help lead Newsmast’s curation, communications and marketing. An avid writer and reader, when she’s not got her head in a book she’s out walking in the Yorkshire Dales with her dogs.


As our Digital Outreach Manager, Andy oversees our data, analytics and CRM systems. He has been a supporter and key member of the Newsmast team since our founding. In his spare time you’ll find him with his family, running the occasional marathon or cycling cross-country.

Delivering the Newsmast app

Binary Lab

Based in Myanmar, the team at Binary Lab are vital in the development and maintenance of the Newsmast apps. Their experience with transformative tech startup projects has helped turn Newsmast into an easy-to-use and sleek app experience.

Think Studio

Helping out from the get-go, the team at Think Studio have helped us build our brand, website, and more. With their support, we’ve been able to turn the Newsmast idea into something real.

Web Link

Lawrence has been a key part of the Newsmast project from the outset, project managing our DevOps activity, testing apps and most recently creating the Community Feeds.

The Newsmast Manifesto

Welcome to knowledge for all for good.

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The Newsmast Manifesto