Community Feeds

Community Feeds

Community Feeds, published by Newsmast
Boosting knowledge sharing across the Fediverse

Our hand curated, knowledge-sharing communities are now available as easy-to-follow feeds, bringing together posts from across the Fediverse.

Finding your people and crafting your timeline can take time in the Fediverse. Newsmast community feeds give you a jump start, letting you explore any community from Mastodon or anywhere in the Fediverse, just by following one account. Newsmast Community Feeds are hand crafted through a mix of hashtags, follows, filters and mutes. You can see the communities in action at

To join the conversation just add the relevant hashtag to your post, which you can find in the account’s bio.

Follow a Feed account and all this curated content will flow into your timeline. If you find its too much for your home feed, simply create a list to follow a community feed account and exclude that account from your home timeline.

Find the feed that’s right for you here, along with more information to help you get started.