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Introducing Newsmast: knowledge-based communities on Mastodon

We’re getting in touch to introduce a fediverse project we think you will be interested in: Newsmast.

It’s a combined Mastodon server and app which is built around communities of interest. Communities like the Activism & Civil Rights, AI and Science communities.
All backed by a charitable foundation. We’re doing something new on social media: bringing together collective knowledge.

  • Users can easily browse communities, exploring timelines which are a carefully curated mix of hashtags, filters and follows. 
  • Through the app, users can post to followers, the communities they are in, or any communities they choose, with relevant hashtags automatically added to their posts.
  • We’re keeping it safe, screening out all NSFW content, hate speech and other content which breaches our guidelines, and moderating all communities.

Thanks to Mastodon, our communities are full of interesting and insightful content. In the For You timelines we’ve highlighted a handful of the top contributors in each community. People like you, who know their stuff, sharing insights. 

We’d love to bring together peer groups of key contributors for each community, working together to bring new people on board, engaging with each other and encouraging knowledge sharing. 

Check us out and get in touch

Check us out at Right now you can browse our desktop or PWA app on your mobile, or sign up for an account at the App Store or Google Play. In a few weeks Mastodon users will be able to log on with their own Mastodon account, giving you access to your home server alongside Newsmast communities, all through the Newsmast app. 

As a first step to getting involved, do give us a follow at Or get in touch here – we’d love to hear from you.

Best wishes
The Newsmast Team

PS: You may notice we’ve not yet upgraded to Mastodon v4.2, and that a few Mastodon features and settings are missing. We’ve focused on developing what’s new and will be catching up on these things next. There’s lots still to do!