Mapping Fediverse Communities

Mapping Fediverse Communities

“People often think the Fediverse is about tech. We’ve not found that,” says Michael Foster, Co-Founder of Newsmast. “Around a million people participated in knowledge-sharing over the last six months, in a broad range of Communities, from Pets to Politics.”

Knowledge-sharing makes up a big part of the Fediverse.

We estimate there were around 930,000 knowledge-sharing users in the Fediverse over the last six months, including people posting, and everyone viewing, liking and boosting this content.

Looking month on month there’s an estimated total audience of 370,000 for knowledge-sharing in the Fediverse. That’s a third of all monthly active users.

The Fediverse isn’t all tech. There’s a good spread of posts and users across all our Communities, with no Community dominating. The Journalism & Comment Community has grown strongly, up 72%, most likely driven by the events in Gaza.

Conversations are driven by a small number of regular posters. 18% of users post once a week or more, making up 83% of the posts per month. Knowledge-sharing has a strong and resilient base in the Fediverse.

This research was conducted and published by Newsmast, a content-curation app supporting knowledge-sharing Communities. We’re backed a charity, the Newsmast Foundation.